Teeth Whitening

Why Whiten at Smile Pod?

At Smile Pod we have been performing teeth whitening for over a decade. Not only are we accredited with two of the U.Ks leading teeth whitening systems, we have consistently remained at the cutting edge of this aspect of teeth whitening. We can guarantee you the very best whitening systems which offer you the safest and most effective methods to achieve the perfect Vita B1 shade.

No other clinic in Lahore comes close to our expertise, training and experience in Teeth Whitening. Dr Khalil has been providing teeth whitening since 1999 from his London clinic.

Smile Pod now offers you this expertise in Lahore and guarantee that we will only use the safest gels which conform to U.K regulations.

  • Smile Pod Signature Deluxe Whitening:

Two visits required (3rd optional)

1st visit Teeth measurements taken

2nd visit  Whitening kit and instructions given

3rd visit  (optional) Power whitening

Top up gels available on request.


  • Smile Pod 1-Visit Boutique Whitening:

For the busy individual who needs quick results, our Boutique 1-Hour Whitening system is the perfect option for you.
Same visit, Same day – A Fabulous Smile within an Hour.
Please note that you may require a scaling session prior to any of our whitening solutions for the very best results.